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Environmental law and public law

Our experts in environmental law provide legal advice to governments, individuals, companies and other professionals. They handle cases concerning both the environment and urban planning. This includes assistance and litigation related to environmental impact assessments, environmental permits, soil contamination, air quality, regional zoning and planning, including all aspects of permits and infringement of planning regulations. Within these domains, AMBOS offers a full range of services to public and private developers, contractors, architects, engineering firms and governments, with an emphasis on a pragmatic approach.

AMBOS also assists clients, both on the public and the private side, in many areas of (economic) public law, such as concessions, public procurement, corporatisation of public services, and litigious matters in general administrative law. In the field of public procurement, our law firm advises on diverse and complex questions, e.g. whether the public procurement rules apply concerning public service concession, in-house entities, non-profit organisations etc., or which particular type of procedure needs to be followed (tender offer, competitive dialogue, ...).

We handle public law litigation before the Council of State, other administrative courts and the Constitutional Court.